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Issuing House

We act as an Issuing house to companies that seek to be listed on the floors of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). We provide integrated financial advisory services to corporate organizations which includes Initial Public Offers, Underwriting, Bonds, Right Issues, and Private Placements amongst others.

Initial Public Offer

For organizations considering an IPO, the preparations are complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive. In an environment where great emphasis is already placed on sound corporate governance, strong internal processes and effective systems and controls, organizations seeking to become public entities are facing increased requirements.
Leveraging our team of experienced professionals, IWorld can help you throughout the entire IPO process, beginning with the assessment and evaluation of the merits of an IPO as well as exploring all possible options.
The combination of our specialized team and our significant capital markets experience gives us confidence that we can deliver the most valuable and cost-effective solutions to enable a smooth and efficient IPO process


We evaluate and assume the risk of our client.
As Equity underwriters, we administer the public issuance and distribution of securities (in form of common or preferred stock from a corporation.) In the case of an IPO, we work closely with the issuing body to determine the initial offering price of the securities, buy them from the issuer and sell them to investors through our distribution network.

Private Placement

Our clients are selected from our extensive network of relationships with international investment managers. We apply a disciplined and thorough evaluation of the investment team, strategy and platform, and select what we deem to be top-tier managers with a proven ability to create value. Capital raises vary with respect to size, scope and strategy and are spread across the risk/return spectrum.
We offer a highly customized approach to each of our clients to ensure they are distinguished from the vast competitive landscape. We are highly selective and take on a limited number of investment managers for private placement services to ensure we are offering investors only the best, fully vetted, and top-quality managers.

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