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Our Financial Advisory Services Unit provides comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to companies with complex business problems or disputes. Our range of specialized advisory services in critical areas of corporate and business finance include:

Corporate Finance

Our professionals provide merger and acquisition, and private equity advice from a base of deep industry knowledge. We have acted as financial advisors for companies raising funds or evaluating the complex financial implications of proposed transactions.

Project Finance & Privatization

Our resources are recognized and respected within the West-African hemisphere. We have provided resources to advise the Government in all corners of the country on privatization of state resources and project financing.

Corporate Value Consulting

We have a team of professionals who work with our clients to maximize their corporation's value in today's rapidly changing world. Our services include business valuations, due diligence investigations and the preparation of financial projections and budgets.

Public-Private Partnership Consulting

We consult on long-term contracts between private entities and the government on a wide range of projects covering various sectors of the economy. Our experience in this regard, enables us perform as professional world-class partners in executing project concepts.

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